Water Taps

Jest 10, Parbat .
Water is the source of life and origin. It is the basic need of life. We need clean water to make our life
happy and healthy. Water is the core of life to be healthy and to have long life. Water is the first source
of life to make life clean and safe. Water taps are important sources to make easy life. Water taps
mention the life of facilities.

Water taps in every home are important sources of life. They have needed with clean water. Very often
we see the taps without clean water. The origin of water is dismissed and pure water is lost. So we are
deceived with dirty water.

The people have lost the concept of pure water. They are with dirt of water. Actually water should be
pure from origin which needs not to make dirt. Water should have original source. The people should
be conscious to clean water.

Water taps in every home must be established. It is our needed facilities from villages to cities. Water is
needed in life to be healthy. Natural water is needed in human life. Water must be come from origin.
Then we can get energy of original water.