Beauty of Art


Art is my jewelry and writing is my path.
Life is dazzled in the periphery of earth.
Real life shines in earth.
The universe is defeated in the path of true love.
Love is shining and flourishing in earth.
That is power to create the art.
The light is everywhere in struggle of true love.
The dazzling light is thrown in love.
Shining and living the true love is.
Existed somewhere in the art and creations.
The emotion is bold to keep existence .
The light is to and fro in artistic writings.
The side is lovable and light is highlighted.
Beauty of art shines my identity with single standing and intelligent height.
Art is immortal and eternal.
Art is beautiful with creations and beautiful formation.
Light is on the universe.
Art is shining in universe.
Art at side shines always.
Art is begging
the life with destiny.
Art is decoration with creation.
Art is light and freedom.