Dark Spot on Love


Love is unfinished rope.
It is dark spot on memory.
The faith is missing.
The flamboyant is thy love with my life.
Broken aims are due to your attachment.
The calm nature remains only with me.
Emptied my love to others,
cruel you are in my soft heart.
Vague and uncertain with false love to loss my existence.
Love destination is left,
Then rivers of tears are remaining me always .
The loss of love is unendurable and painful .
False pretention is heard enough.
Your countless ego never wins.
Your soft and kind heart could melt my bone and heart.
Your dirt of words is born with unconscious ego and doubt.
Your doubt with your family members and outside kills my soft heart with unbearable words.
Your doubt to me is truly false.
Only soil knows your fake doubt to me.
Thou are happy with many but I am standing alone up to this time with isolated words.
You are taking joy with material beauty but I am struggling alone in this rich soil within her lap.
Really your love is flamboyant.
Your pretention of love kills my simple life.
I am waiting to empty human,
I always live with tears and tears…….and alienated journey.