Oh ! Deserted Love


Thy love is like Vampire.
Thou are my deserted love.
Tears are oceans like volcanoes.
My deserted love depicts the drought in human world.
Separation was bitter though thy heart might be smiling in my departure from you.
You were with stony heart to treat my breadth.
Your full compassion might be to your another selection.
I was hated object of your choice by evaluation.
For me, love is not evaluation.
True love is not evaluation.
It is born without any evaluation.
I am not feeling the love of yours.
I was fake to you in my truth.
My departure might make you happy .
The departure was your relief.
I was not looked by your kindness.
Then I forgot who you were and are.
You were my dream sometimes.
So I forgot your face just saw your shadow in dreamy vision.
I was in desert of your truth, Knew it later.
I wept and wept with rivers of tears.
Oceans are shining with my beautiful tears.
I am singing the tears and composing the tears in my meaningful art.
Questing the grave of my former life with strength of destiny is my reaching light.
Oh! Deserted is my first and last love.
Isolation is my companion.
Art is my ocean to play in it.
Really I am painful within deserted love.