Highest Peak in Earth


Highest peak is there in our country.
Highest snow is shining.
World`s tallest mountain is there in Nepal.
We proud to our country.
This tallest Himalayan is not of China and Tibet.
It is ours .
Our glory is there.
Our abundant glory is shining.
Glorious beauty is there.
Shining attachment is sublimity.
So beautiful scene is there.
Highest is its quality in north part of Nepal.
Originally is from Nepal.
It is known as Sagarmatha.
It is in between Tibet and Nepal.
But it is originally born from Nepal.
I proud to it as tallest in earth.
I praise its beauty with its shining snow.
It is attractive and charming.
It is the top of earth.
It is most beautiful part of earth.
It is eternal in earth.