Bloody Water


In world, the bloody river is there.
Red river follows.
Amazing river is there.
Bloody river is somewhere only.
It is fact of human destiny.
Colourful River has sucked human blood.
Our blood is red.
That lives somewhere in earth.
The light is mixed.
The bloody war has created the red river.
Bloody consciousness is there.
Bloody water is there.
Water is born in multicolours.
Rivers are there.
Wonderful bloody water is existed.
Water is mixed there.
There are multicolours.
The water is following.
Red blood is there somewhere in earth.
Loving water is there.
Water is existed as different segment.
Water is mentioned in the land. Bloody water is there.
Like blood, it is following.
All human death has collected blood.
Mystery of blood is eternal. Universe has bloody segments.
It has watery blood like human blood.
Rivers are of lavas, water and somewhere with bloods.