Dearest Father- Happy Father’s Day


You are the bone of your children.
Your soul lies eternal in my art.
You are shining gold in My sea depth.
Your popularity is my fame.
I am your fame and prestige.
You are my source of encouragement.
You are my ornament.
No one can replace your position in my life.
You are royal hero of my bone.
Your soul is shining in another place even you are not here.
Your bones are shining in the ocean as being volcanoes.
You are martyr of nation.
Your soul kills the enemy’s skull ,writing, bitter comment and sound.
You are my first hero of life.
Your works remain forever as your tribute.
You are imortal jewel of my writing.
Your death is not death of soul.
Your contribution to nation and society is infinite.
Your prestige is mine .
Your fame is my way to walk.
Your legs are shining in depth of sea as pearl of self standing.
Your popularity is raised in mist and ice.
You are monument in ice.
Your beauty of work shines like God.
You are shining all over world with my art.
You are lighting somewhere with huge volcano.
You are green forever.
Your fame kills enemy’s false blaming.