Father’s Day

3 Bharda, ktm.
It is our good day to remember the dearest father. Father is our bone and heart. He is the shining door
of our fame and prestige. The day should be eternal to remember our parents. In our society, the father
and mother are equal to remember. Mother is caring our food and father is caring our prestige and
fame. Father is the shining bone of our life.

I love this festival “ The Father’s Day” very much. Father is the light of our prestige and fame that no one
can replace father figure neither brothers not relatives. So father figure should be identified. To love and
respect father is not the support of patriarchal society. Father is as much valuable as mother. So I value
the father very much. To remember father is to remember our origin. So father is shining wave of our
life. Life is beautiful and shining when father is there. To love father is not the support of patriarchy.
Father is different than patriarchy. My father is green sign to secure our prestige. So father day should
be respected always. The father is the pillar of character and encouragement. Father is inspirator.Father
is real hero of life.

So it is better to celebrate the father day. Father is our right hand. He is more valuable than others to
encourage us and to secure the prestige of children. He is equal to mother figure. Both father and
mother are playing equal part in life. So I welcome the celebration of parents day till my breadth.
Ms Til Kumari Sharma