Love as Death


Love is death when it is not perceived easily.
True love is not like cloth changing.
It is long lasting with one.
It is not with many.
It is forever.
Now we see love with many definitions.
Actual love is once.
Now love seems twice and thrice.
It is bigger crime than death.
Deception is more unendurable than flooding, earthquake and death.
Death is easy to endure than to endure the deception.
The love is joked as immoral manner.
Two loves are valued by some YouTube users.
Love is attached to soul more.
It is detached from the fragmented enemy.
Love is flying with true and eternal phase.
It is in void air.
It is in everywhere .
Love is truth of soul and heart.
Love is forever in life.
It is not exchanging with everybody.
But people break the love of others to be superior.
The agent is seller to have exchanging way in love.
Love has become void segment now with no humanity and kindness.