Misuse of YouTube

2 Bharda, ktm.
People misuse YouTube to misrepresent the people. Some incidents might be facts. But many YouTubers
are not good which misrepresent the people. I am not going to criticize some good doings in YouTube.
Many YouTube users are leaving truth and keep whatever they like to have abusive pictures and words.
Such misrepresentation should be paused immediately otherwise they should be encountered.

Here are some people who break other’s character by scolding and showing the fact less matter. Some
women are kept in naked photos with immoral actions . Somewhere friends, relatives and family
members might misrepresent the character of female. We see the family fragments in YouTube that is
not good. It is the loss of family prestige. YouTube is used by some fake people. When anybody has
anger then he or she has misrepresented the opposite side. I think it is crime bigger than death. Some
online news has used the un necessary and immoral news of male /female relationship. They report the
void message of male female relationship. People use YouTube with unneeded things. The government
should be conscious to misusers and the people who break others’ character with misrepresentation.
The death penalty should be given to those misusers who keep the good people with bad abusive words
and vulgar pictures without knowing truth.

Character is our ornament and property. Never misuse our character. If anybody misuses us in news,
YouTube and other parts of mass communication than he or she should be hanged or given death
penalty. Law should be made to punish the misusers weather they are own people, friends, relatives or
any political people.