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Tsunami of Ice


Danger and fearful is icy tsunami.
Like broken mirrors ,tsunami of ice goes to high level.
It is amazing to see.
Shining like mirrors and broken glass.
Amazing light is in earth.
Amazing light is appeared in white ice.
Really amazing is my dearest universe.
Oh nature mother, you are strange deity.
Your are goddess in the wonderful Earth.
Unseen quality is counted by scientists.
Beauty is seen with my eyes.
Your beauty melts my heart.
Your strange beauty attracts me to quest your real world.
Oh nature, your icy beauty seems to love within me forever.
You are eternal in my writing.
You have made me eternal in your looking.
Your shining beauty is dearest to me than my life.
Oh! Really, you are the quest of my knowledge.

लेखक : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma