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Earth has Unlimited Path to go ahead


Earth as circular is said.
But it has endless reaching.
No ending point is there.
No finishing point is there.
No limitation is there.
No small amount is there.
No end is seen up to now.
Other planets are in her surroundings with joining parts.
Somewhere desert is there.
Somewhere gases are there.
Somewhere the rocky places are within structure.
It is within earth space every planets are there.
The endless earth has all planets that is due to endless destiny of earth.
Sky is upper to manage earth and universe.
Earth is amazing that no scientists can find limitation.
Actual limitation is not there.
No reaching of ending point is there.
From center of earth, limitation is not there.
But I find limitation is lost and endless destiny is there.

लेखक : Author - Ms. Til Kumari Sharma