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Infinite Path of Earth 

6 Sharwan,  ktm .
Earth has immense size with her varieties of things. Earth is with unlimited surroundings that can not be finished. It has infinite size. Scientists have limited its size and destiny in orbit. But the orbit is not limited in my view. It has unlimited path that can not be mentioned.

From one corner to another of earth it has confined to limitation. But I think that there is no limitation from one corner to another. It is amazing to find out another planet. I think that the planets can be found in the surroundings of earth and sky. The earth is huge and unfinished study. The planets are made with the help of stones,water,ice and other volcanoes. So that the immense search should be there. Earth has been surrounded by spacecraft. But it is unknown to know where the planets are formed.

Earth is with unlimited space and new places. It is come with varieties of things. Whatever is there, the meaningful use should be there. Everything is created in this earth by nature to loss the lack of
everything. So there is unlimited path in earth though scientists have limited earthly structure. Without any relation of earth to other planets, nothing is created.

लेखक : Report : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma