How does the single woman stand in this society as author

6 Sharwan. ktm.
The woman is treated badly in this society. She is dominated everywhere. The woman who is married is treated nicely even she is bad. When she is unmarried and good, she is dominated everywhere in home, outside and other places.

The woman is misrepresented badly in her character with her own people. If she is not married, she is dominated by her family members ,relatives friends, others and parents too. She is misrepresented with extreme domination. Even in her birth home, she is dominated badly. The sisters- in -law have also dominated badly.

Not only daughter- in-law is dominated in our society but sisters are dominated severely, politically ,socially and economically. Family members seem social workers outside but they don’t help anything for the unmarried members. As being the single, I find myself dominated everywhere. They speak anything will be right for them . They do behave as criminals to me. If they get money from us ,if they get profit, they respect otherwise they pollute our good and healthy life. I face it in my surroundings.

They do mistake and hide the bad doings of them . So they dominate to keep in ditch. No only blood relation does good in our career making. They may emblem our character too. They have mental illness .So it is very bad to live in parents’ home and society being unmarried. It is their extreme domination to us. When we teach them good things ,they speak roughly.

They never realize their mistakes. They don’t know the struggle of life. Their mistake is unseen. Their wrong doings should not be connected with our personal freedom. Parents want to hide their mistake. Every thing should be judged personally. The teenagers want to hide the mistake of them.

To exist as writer is difficult in this society. Their ignorance to know us kills our literary world and
creativity. We should be detached from them quickly. Writer should be clever enough to make the
environment to write fact.