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Highest Art as Poetry

Poetry is born with kind heart and mind. It is decorated art with sublimity. I think that poetry is highest art to innovate new things. It is my kind parents. It is my artistic beauty to write. Nothing is sufficient to describe it’s charming beauty. Poetry is my soul to fly in heaven. Poetry is my kind lover who never leaves me. I believe that poetry is my faithful lover. Poetry is my creative soul. Poetry is the artistic partner of my life.

Considerably, poetry is genuine art and innovated creation. It is decorated flower of my life. Poetry is the genuine part of philosophical writing. It is the shining path of life. Poetry is missing and running from vulgar world. It is created with moral world. Poetry is my ring and love of life. It is the artistic flower.

I am living with this genre when I am alone. So poetry is art of universe. Poetry is really higher than other genres. Poetic beauty is sublimity of universe. I could not leave it’s presence. So I am winning the higher disease corona when I fall in love with poetic creation. Poetry is genuine and eternal phase of my life. It is the light of mind and it is lamp all over the world.

Poetry is parents to all other genres. It is the highest branch to create eternal art.It is the higher to
maintain the world and it’s beauty. Poetry is very often charming source to have the wisdom and
humanity. It is faithful friend to it’s lovers. It is extra bonus of life. Poetry is artistic creation which makes the fall of stone statues. It is highest lamp in world and it’s surroundings.

लेखक : Report : Til Kumari Sharma