Snow as Source of Water

4 Asar, Parbat.
Snowy Himalayas are hiding the source of water. When we see mountains, they are decorated with the snow .They seem to have the charming source of water. They are beautiful and attractive.We do not see the green trees but these Himalayas are shining with beautiful snow. Without snow, the water is uncontrollable.

I see that many rivers are coming from snowy Himalayas. They are huge part of water.The universe is maintained with source of water. Huge part is the source of water. Land may be sunk. But nature has maintained water with her own rule. The earth is beautiful with her maintance.The earth has shifted water into snow ,gas, mist ,cloud and others to have balance in earth. Snow may be melted and it  would bring tsunami.

The water is hidden in Himalayas in the form of snow. It is natural leading of water to have control upon earth. Snowy Himalayas are beautiful to have shining path. Snowy mountains are tall with great height and they take enough source of water in the form of snow.

Snow is illustrated as the source of water. It is huge part in tall mountains. Snow has decorated nation  and friendship. Snow is melted somewhere to cause water and it has beautified the source of water. So  water is purified to have eternal source of living and life.