Millions of coffins are there in world.
Corona has killed many.
Why does it take them ?
People are in Lock-down in world.
The darkness comes in earth.

The world is with great disease.
It is wonderful death.
Millions of coffins are shown on roadside.
People are died with corona and its defect.
Coffins are untouched even by family members.
That is inhuman world.

Love and respect are lost.
People are died without love.
The careless condition is there in family to touch the coffins and diseased person.
What is happening in world ?
Oh !The Horror,Oh The Horror.

There is not any mighty god to remove the disease.
Temples are locked.
Churches are locked.
Oh religious people ,
show me your ‘Mighty God’.

               Paiyun- 7 Hile Parbat, Nepal.