Life of immigrants


Life is difficult in world without identity and hope. Life is dazzled and confusion in dark world. When we leave the home to earn and grow economic condition then we have difficult situation. It is the difficulty and complexity of life. The life is the way of travelling. The light is off with life when the people are travelling to world. The life is uneasy in outer world. The world is one with different kinds of people. But people are not treated equally. People are going everywhere to search the job and they migrate to other world to solve the problems.

The life of migrated people is in difficulty. The immigrants are here and there to maintain the life. They have not original home in outer world. They have to adopt the culture and social rules of foreign country when they leave the home country. It is the world of identity crisis. The people are with fragmentation and hopeless situation. In world, many people are migrated to other world which has presented fragmented life and family. Immigrated people are fragmented with culture, social norms and other unidentified rules. They have not original home in foreign culture. They can be   replaced by unidentified norms and difficulties arise. Immigrants are suffering from identity crisis and homeless situation. Diaspora arises and the people are marginalized .They have not exact home and family. The confusion arises and life is in void without human identification. The powerful country has dominated them.

The world has not managed the life of immigrants with standard codes that is the domination to them. Immigrants should be identified with their identity. The life should not be with void and emptiness. They have right to live as the national people in every countries.  Home is where we live .The immigrants should be respected as original people of the country. They must be valued as equal human weather they have visa or not.