Video Editing with Immoral Action is Crime

The wrong doer is misusing the photos of ladies.
The video editors are using apes to make anything infamous to ladies.
Such apps should be removed from the technology.
The innocent girls are used to have video sex with cyber criminals.
They must be given death penalty if anyone makes sexual videos.
Video calls are misused by them.
Users of video editing forget the sisterhood, motherhood relation.
Blind people are they to see sexually to sisters and females. So these video editors should be hanged immediately who use female sexually in video with wrong imagination.
They must realize their mistakes of such crime and must remove such bad image from mind.
The artificial video must be removed from post.
Such videoes should not be made viral to earn money.
It is the work of seller to earn money by making infamous to innocent girl.
The video maker must say sorry and must delete the wrong concept and wrong feeling.
Not only male should respect mother and wife, they should respect outer sisters or ladies.