Education is good to view.
People ignore good education .

They do for politics.
Hard labor is uncounted.

Education is clothing with politics and money.
Talent mind is joked.

The so called scholars do hundred percent politics.
They seem obstruction.

The drought is there to study.
Ego is there from high to low level .

It is unbearable to endure.
As a result the headache surrounds the moral.

Disqualified is chosen due to political force.
That makes the education flirt.

Education should not be in limited post.
It should have with quest and freedom.

It should not be controlled by leaders, ministers and so called scholars.
They should give freedom otherwise death should be given to them.

They make original duplicate and duplicate original .
The so called superior should be improved.

The relatives should be improved to their mistakes of politics.
No one should be obstruction.

                                     Parbat Hile -Nepal