About Gold Mines

What is Gold? What is its Profit and Defect? People respect to those who have standard life and property. Even in family when we have money, gold and car then we are respected otherwise not. It is our Cultural Knot. When the girl has a lot of money and gold, the good boy can be found otherwise we are deceived. The gold becomes bad in such condition. Gold is poison as well as the helper of old life.

I think that gold should not be taken in marriage ceremony. It has haunted the married life. Today many women think poor when we have not chain in our neck and order to make us it to put on neck. But in my view, gold is not matter of showing .It is the matter of property keeping in old ages. Intelligence does not come with golden things. It is not matter of wisdom. Gold is culture. When husband does not give jewelry to wife she quarrels with her husband daily. It is not matter of true love. I see that many women have many ornaments in every home to wear only in cultural ceremony.  The wives of teachers and dean and many others are hiding behind a lot and take on cultural ceremonies. They hide in home and they say that they have nothing gold. Gold is not fame .It takes life of many by   stealing. Sometimes it is needed in emergency condition when we have. Some people see their wives’ desire to cover with golden materials but they see enough in other’s small portion of part. I think I cannot walk upon myself and my existence but I can walk upon gold. I heard that we should not wear gold in leg finger due to love for gold. People break the character of good female but think gold as goddess. I see goddess quality in female strength and virginity rather than gold. So I can walk open it by putting on leg finger.  It is the challenge to change society. So I think   that gold is good in emergency time when we have. But people love it unnecessarily. But old people have to keep otherwise they are thrown by their own offspring. So gold has profits and defects. When we can buy gold it does work in lack of money. I used to keep chain in New Road Gold Shop to pay for my Exam Form of M.A. and I used to keep chain in Golden Shop when my mother was sick. It did well in emergency.  Then I didn’t buy another chain. It is profit for life to utilize it. Sometimes it is bad when people desire with first priority to wear with a lot of gold. I think that gold ought to be banned to buy in marriage ceremony. It has destructed home, marriage and so on. Husbands are buying expensive jewelry and clothes to wife rather to manage poor parents.  In marriage of daughter, we have to buy for all family members in marriage ceremony in every home. It is bad culture of our society. Gold has taken other’s life. But it is not good to make naked to parents by snatching their gold and property which are useful in weak condition of their old age. But dowry of gold in marriage ceremony and culture should be banned.

 Gold is not matter of decoration. It is matter of property in our poverty. It is not goddess. I see goddess in virtuous quality of anybody. So I put it in leg finger to secure my existence. People walk upon my character and leg not upon the gold. So I put it on leg to secure from domination. Gold is good and bad both. If you have, it is to use in poverty   otherwise it is not compulsion to wear. I think it is not goddess. It is mines from earth like iron, silver and so on. It is got rarely from earth .So it is expensive then people value it otherwise it is nothing goddess,
just mineral of earth.

Report : Til Kumari Sharma

                                                                            Parbat Hile. Paiyun7