Harvest of Writing

Writing is harvest of human mind. Approximately it designs the human mind with creative seed and it is ever green matter. The notion of writing isn’t simple matter to create human mind’s height that only it brings the genuine mind in the writing habit. The light of human mind gives genuine equality. It seeks the natural norms of creation with new wave of giving birth to writing. Human mind is green land to plant healthy thoughts. But sometimes the dirt of human company brings the dust in healthy mind . The path to go right is my choice to live in.

The thoughts are not created randomly with subverting way. They are seen automatically in mind and I endeavor to fill the blank space of earth. The writing is beautiful only with new creation and with green thought. Planting the thoughts in drought creates headache that is very much aesthetic and beautiful too. Aptly seed of knowledge is beautified with cultural root and gene too. The beauty of idea seeks the phenomological experience of established myth. The genuine light is knowing people. The sublimity of thought gives light in human formation. Consciousness plays the vital part in genuine world that seeks human society in which I seek to establish the utopian world beyond this. The bravery of my grandeur thought is to balance myself and my aim.

The black cloud appears in my harvest when egoist friends dominate me to learn from me. Currently I have the need of isolation and it had the environment to survive with me with grains of harvest in the green earth. I as living rock stands out with the abnormal time that is alinated time to plant my seed of writing. The notion of writing is my motive to live happily in the world which sharpens my mind and thought. The silence is dominant environment in my surroundings.

That is healing point to me and I maintain my time to have my survival and eternality. As author, I maintain my time with extreme creation in harvest of writing and I attempt to highlight its value in national and international field. The harvest of my planting words with decorum and jewelry brings me surviving status. Then green garden of my planting words is amazing and magical to create new utopian earth in which there is survivable point a lot and eternally.

The shifting of time and place makes me a little difficult but I build new things ahead. The feeble mind sometimes aches unconditionally and planting some words with genuine health and slowly it heals headache of the environment. Anyway harvest of my writing is evergreen even the opposite people comment me bitterly.