Amazing Worth of My Life

Life is wonder of earth that is got once in that I want to be unique formation in literary world. Deliberately life seems in difficult arrow that suffers in loveless psyche. It is the alinated life in which the self is existed without other. The sense is alinated in the kindless human world. The struggle and success make us hopeful and lively. The worth lies in eternality of creation and artistic looking. Art is lifeline in which I see my core of psyche to live without love and sympathy. I am not begger to demand love of other to me. I am self existed being to think humanly and deliberately I am seeking the world of mine to exist as conscious fellow in universe. Insanity has created the thoughts that appear unconsciously. That means I think the unconsciousness with consciousness. Seeking distance from the disturbance, I exist myself to live the life of art and creation.

I yield the bundle of thoughts in artistic creation with my feathers. Extreme anxiety often yields much art in that I make my bed of thoughts. The bridge of my mind goes beyond nationality to be friendship of ideas and kind humanity which brings the bridge lively in this universe. Sometimes I see the universe beyond this universe to make me lively and authorized version of my lonely creation. Often I speak to wall as my friend and I have animated the non living as my bosom friends. Fearing to the false world of other, I make my destiny myself to draw art of alphabets and arrow of artistic creation alone. Sense of humanity is nature bounded and sense of creation is inborn. It is not by preplan and it is inborn in the womb of mother that is superior to myself. The hope is little to live and despair often exists in corner. The worth is there to live and I keep the living history alive.

The death is happening eternally and I have faced death and seeing me, death returns to its way. It does not win me to fall my art. The death is defeated and returns to its home to live peacefully. It salutes me enough in its defeat and death respects me a lot to create the art of my thought. Eternally when I will be in heaven then my works will be judged purely. At that time I would be at distance from them and I would be far. Sympathy to me by others is coward to have with those.

I am eternal pillar of words which never fall down in universe. Never depressed is my psyche in this atlas which wins the moral of earth with my self created philosophy. Destiny is formed with my light and it comes with valuable insanity. That insanity is my decorated ornament to make me artistic lover of words. The worth is there within creation of delight and sublimity. Approximately I am worth to myself and to my dearest art.