Wound in Civil War


Unbearable and tearful the war was in Nepal,
Makes victim to the poor and innocent,
Beside the homeless and worthless, Why not nature plays to them?
Headache and pain frequent happen,
How to endure the wound of war?
Hope with life is lost and missed.
Future is in confusion and bafflement.
No one can remove the pain of wound.
To live in this is fake and restriction.,
Sound is blocked and hindered there.
What is there mistake of mine ?

Sometimes I can not control tear.
It is my hollow destiny there.
Light and might are going to lose.
How to survive in this is lost.
Hope is lost and gone.
Headache is come frequent and frequent.
Wound is living today too.
Power of politics makes me psycho too.
Hope is lost and gone.
Haw to survive is the question?