Life with Letters and Literary World

Life is busy now a days with literary world. The literature is like universe. It is like the infinite wave as with unknown universe. Literary world is drawn by letters. Literary words are come with varieties of ways.

Life is counted as literary ornament. The decoration is there with beautiful words and imagination. Literature is beautiful production. It makes human the super human. In previous time, God was centralized .Now, the literary world makes human the super fellow. So the higher decoration of human life is literature with literary creation. Letters are the monuments of human art. They create the human art with higher and philosophical imagination. So I think the literature is supreme court to judge right and wrong.

So l like the pond of universe with literary design. I can exist there in higher position. Letters are awakening me against bad company and enemy who push my legs in ditch. So I may live within this literary art with its beautiful and immortal creation.