Wounded Country


We have wonderful country.
Nature is rich.
Humanity is poor.
The females are disrespected.
YouTube has used females with unnecessary explanation and descriptions and naked presentation.
The death penalty should be given to those wrong doers.
The wonder of people is there. Some raping group is alive.

Some people are making naked picture of girls and females.
The people are misusing female character and naked photos in you tube.
It is great crime in nation.
It is the huge crime than death.
The fake humanity is there.
The way is there to know real world.
The nationality is lost.
The unconsciousness is there. National justice is not there.
The light is locked.

The crimes are there.
The light is dismissed.
The life is not good of everybody.
Everybody has opponents.
Real world of humanity is lost.
Weight is lost with human nature.
Nation is decreased year by year.
Politics has ruled nation.