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Volcanoes are burning from mountains, water and rocks.
Hot motion as gas is produced.
River of fire is seen there.
Amazing explosion is there.
Lava& 339’s river is there.
Volcanoes are there to produce the large source of fire.
Wonder of my dearest earth is beautiful.
Volcanoes can create destruction.
They are mixing in water.
Somewhere the volcanoes are from islands of sea.
Enough volcanoes can be produced from ocean and icy islands too.
Volcanoes can be produced from rocky islands.
Amazing nature makes me curious to know her.
How dare! you are the nature and her creation.
What attraction is there with you to tempt me to your beauty?
Though you are fearful.
Oh, the volcanoes your beauty attracts me much .
Love is enough to you and your wonderful creation.

लेखक : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma