ताजा खबर

Nag Panchami

10 Sharwan, ktm .
Our Hindu culture worships to nature and her creation.Nagpanchami is one of the most important
festivals in which the snakes are prayed or worshiped. Nags are called snakes in another meaning.
Snakes are powerful to mention the soil and water. Very often, snakes are under soil and water. They are said as Hindu Gods.

Today it is the festival of Hindu religion to pray or worship for snakes to make life better. But people kill the snakes unnecessarily. They think that the snakes will bite them. But the snakes are better than human dishonesty. The snakes are better to know the world than human beings. Snakes are more honest than humans when we think they are good. The snakes are decorating nature and her surroundings. Snakes are sources of light and balance in earth. So we should pray or worship them.

Nag Panchami is one of the fine festivals in which we worship the snakes. Snakes are sources of God and goddess. Snakes are powers in nature as of God’s power. They make us survival. We should not kill them .We should worship them.