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How is the Online Class in Nepal ?

The government should be very careful for poor people. Educational center of higher part as well as
lower part should be careful to the use and misuse of the regular online class . No one is here to think for the poor people. Praise with prize should be there to the talent of poor students. Online class is not possible for poor people who have not facilities of internet, laptop and mobiles. The government cannot afford free laptop and good mobile for students. So how can it manage for poor but talent students ?

NEB, K.U.,T.U. and other educational institutions should consider for poor students. It is not good to have regular online class in our country. The good students are left due to poverty. Education by nature is equal and there should not have difficulty. In rented home, students are suffered with expensive rents and city houses take benefit from internet fee with high cost. The students are not getting even the food. Villages have not possible of online classes.In this situation, how can they take expensive mobile as well as laptops? Oh, the so called intellectuals, see and open eyes to view the poor students who have not even food to eat. Without internet, good mobile and laptops, online class is not possible.

If possible, make free the education providing these tools and internet. Otherwise don’t give the life of complexities to few poor teachers and students. Somewhere, teachers have not good salary to buy food and they have not facilities of machinery tools . So open eye to view the complexities of poor teachers, students and parents.

So in ending point, I focus to the easy life to all people equally. The intelligent people should be
conscious to do equal for poor and rich students. They should not manage only to those who have
facilities of mobile and laptops. Poor students should be considered by government as well as by
educated institutions. So online exam and class is not possible in real sense. Consider for it from depth of national development.

लेखक : Ms .Til Kumari Sharma