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Everything in Water

31 Asar, ktm.
Water has everything as the life and death. It is the most powerful thing in universe which is in earth and beyond earth. It is wonderful formation in earth. Earth’s 71 % part is covered by water. It is formed in clean water, cloud , mist, snow, minerals, lava, air and so on. It is wonderful formation. In the middle of some large seas, some volcanoes can be seen and wavers are caused with volcanic wave.

It is wonder of universe to see volcanoes, lava, mineral and water waves together. Water is the source of everything. It has produced the volcanoes,earthquake,lavas and minerals. It is in varieties of form. It is with ice to control water. In Antarctica, 90 percent water is in snow form.Antartica is famous to have icy islands. The island is very good to keep hidden ice.The ice is attractive in continent. Amazing ice is there within land and water. Wonder is there. Water is parent of earth which has given birth to earthly life, mineral and fire together.

So water is origin of universe. What is made with it as life of all. Water is constructive and destructive . It is faithful too. It is good parent. So water is creative and genius to bring cold and hot. I think that sun, moon and stars are structured with yellow gene of water.

लेखक : Report : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma