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Dangerous Environment in Sindhupalchok

26 asar, ktm.
I think Nepali soil is very strong. But when we see the soil of Sindhupalchok, it seems weak and useless. This district is formed with high mountains. In my travelling from Kathmandu to Tatopani,I found this place the dreadful.

The river Bhotekosi and Sunkosi are surrounded by tall mountains. The trees are not found thick .Very often, the barren and grassy mountains are found. The road to Tatopani is narrow and dreadful. The place is very dangerous. The boarder of Sindhupalchok is with Tibet. Now it is China,our neighbouring country.

Many floodings come and many people are died every year. It is painful and unbearable to finish
heredity of people. Each and Every year, people are died within nature. Nature has made focus point to finish heredity of human in this district. It is dangerous and fearful to live the meaningful life in this district. It is painful to hear and endure the destruction of anyone or many. By nature, it is not secured place. It is the weak soil which is harmed by nature .

As a boy plays to innocent lady to rub history of her heredity, nature plays to people to finish human history. By nature, Sindhupalchok seems weak and dangerous district .People are dying every year. It is with natural energy. Nature is lying them as playful boy plays and lies to innocent lady, goddess. Nature is strong enough to build her formation within human world .So we should respect mother earth with her innocence.

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