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Negative Effect of Lockdown

Jest 7, Parbat.
Lockdown has affected badly to poor people. Government has ignored the problems of poverty. To manage lockdown with systems, we should bring distance between and among people. The tension of businessmen, teachers,students,writers, publications,authors,journalists and other officers/workers is there. The works are paused and people are in mental tension. Many people are turning to home from city. They do jobs in cities. They are going to home leaving offices and horrified to return in their jobs. Is there solution ?

Once the government started to open offices ignoring the people in villages. It is very difficult to turn to city when we came home leaving our work. The people use to live twice in quarantine is ugly task. The Nepalese quarantine is not secured. It brings the Corona quickly. I think that home quarantine is best policy in city as well as in villages.

Rented rooms should be secured to have home quarantine. We know  that boarder is danger which makes us fearful due to coming Corona. Corona has brought poverty to people. So people want to turn in their own work. Government has to think to go in solution.
The thought of government should be positive to those people who have turned to home and those who are  in cities should be managed equally. Corona has destroyed millions of people in world. We have to be conscious from depth. In villages,the people do not lie in distance. In Terai, it is not possible to manage people in distance .

People are ignoring the rules and regulations to live in distance .
The people must understand the distance and it’s security. I think that the offices have to open but the workers should be in distance. Private vehicles should be opened. The passengers in big bus should be kept in distance to travel. Gap of distance makes people far and we start our work with keeping distance. One big bus should be managed only with 10/13 passengers. That may keep the distance not
to touch people. In offices, we must be conscious to keep distance. Everywhere we must be in discipline. Then we may be secured.

लेखक : Report : Til Kumari Sharma