The books are friends.They are the intimate souls of intelligent human.Books are the sources of knowledge.Books give the cultural,social, political and economical  knowledge.They give outer and inner knowledge from diverse ways.So books are greater than human company.Books give the theoritical and practical knowledge.Our mind is widened with books in many ways. So books are intimate souls to get different knowledge.


Books are developing minds.By reading books, we have developed critical mind.By writing books we create innovative ideas. So books are parents  figure to know the  world.Our schools and colleges have brought books to teach us. We find the extra books to know the outer world.Many literary books are giving pleasure and  joy when we read. So books are the huge powers of knowledge.Books are the products of great mind.So books handle the world with immense  power.Books get the power of mind  with super power.It has got the history of all cultures.Different books give  different knowledge.Books are produced with varieties of language.Language is the huge source of knowledge to write books.


Books are essential factors of life to get education.Language plays the vital role to show books. Language is mother figure to show the books from birth to death.It is the language that gives birth to many languages.Language is origin of books.So books are sources of knowledge that make our mind huge and great. We are made educated with books.Books are the inner phases of intelligence which remove the isolated mind.Books are feedback of mind.