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Village Life

Villages are organic places. The life of village is difficult but it has organic genuineness. Village life is
pleasurable and enjoyable. Village life is difficult when we see city life. Due to overpopulation the city
life is devasted and ugly. Only technological development has given facilities. But human exercise is less
due to technological development. So people have to exercise a lot.

Village life has been devasted with superstitious thought.The people know how to cut grass, rice and
many others. They have not known how to speak and how to deal with people.Observing the
people,they don’t know how to respect people and woman.They know not the habit how to deal with
people. Really village life is good to play with nature. We eat organic food and plant them. Villages are
good in natural environment but people don’t know how to respect the educated mind. They think
educated as dull and see the joy of life. It is their big ignorance to know the exercise of mind. They think
that educated People are eating with sitting.

So it is good to know village life.It is organic and natural but people ignore the true life. The people
order forgetting manner of politeness and moral. Villages are good only to produce the organic foods.
The nature is functioning to play vital role to produce organic plants and grains.


लेखक : Report : Ms.Til Kumari Sharma