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Freedom from Patriarchy

1 Jest, Parbat.
The females are trapped in this black society of Patriarchy. Patriarchy has ruled to intelligent female. It is
difficult to secure the literary child in this society. The woman is seen as immature figure. The patriarchy
fears to truth and fact. The rules are imposed to innocent and honest woman. The woman who is under
male seems ideal and disciplined, otherwise the woman seems revolutionary and rude.

Our society respects the patriarchal society. Patriarchy has created his own male language.It thinks
woman as sexual dull. The society favors the jokers who joke to female bodies. Females are also talking
about male choice and ornaments. Females are dominated within fake words. Patriarchy dominates
revolutionary woman. So we are under control of it. Patriarchy is one wheel of bus which cannot handle
the society. The society is ugly to talk against change.Patriachy restricts the women who don’t go to
kitchen. We can not make home when we don’t go to kitchen. So change is essential to improve the
society. Freedom from patriarchy should be there.

Patriarchy is with one eyed monster. It has killed the daughter identity. So I don’t like to accept
patriarchal rules and regulations. Patriarchy has to change within old systems and it must be
transformed into equal level.

लेखक : Report : Til Kumari Sharma