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Technological Errors-Spelling with technical errors to make words

Baisakh 6, ktm .Technology is a kind of development that hinders to place good words sometimes. It has often deceived us. It has misplaced the unheard words some times when we are not attentive to it. Today’s world is the world of technology and development. To have easiness in writing, the computer, mobile and laptops are made. Though we are not familiar to use them and many blunders/ spelling errors are seen unknowingly. We are not perfect and have not sufficient knowledge in computer and typing. Because of that we make errors in typing, setting and so on which brings sometimes the unheard words which we do not know.

Nepal is poor country and we have visited late technology. So we have less familiar to the world of computer, media and technology.  The types are done in wrong way due to lack of knowledge in typing and chatting. The errors are happening frequently. We are not good in type also. When we are typing we are doings errors and unheard words are typed unknowingly. The words are typed as “we” as “La” ,; Chha as ‘Cha’ and  so on. The words are misrepresenting the meaning. As a result we seem weak. In such way, technological world has deceived us. The less knowledge in Technology has brought wrong typing and sometimes we type ‘Unheard Words’ related to sex which make us uneasy. It happens unknowingly that we do not know what we are typing. It makes us incomplete in knowledge of typing. So I think errors of spelling are seen sometimes in uneasy words in type when we type good, mistakenly unheard words are replaced. Actual knowledge is there but typing creates mischievous work. There are many mistakes and technical errors in spelling in chatting too. It is with less  habit of knowledge in chatting.

Errors are happening unknowingly. We feel guilty to us. It is the technological world that we are less familiar to it. Less familiarity brings the much errors in chatting, typing and so on. So the technological world has deceived us in our character and doings. Many books are seemed with many mistakes due to typist and author himself or herself.  She or he cannot avoid mistake of typing. In chatting also we do spelling errors in words. It happens due to less idea in typing world. Typing comes with many mistakes unknowingly.  So reader should understand the right words and mischievous work of technological development or technical errors that are spelling errors to make words.




लेखक : Til Kumari Sharma