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We were in Chabahil near a Temple and Hall.
We Survi, Sudip, the journalist Samar and I were standing and talking about Lockdown.

I called journalist to pick up me from Chabahil to Kirtipur.
I was starting to leave Chabahil.
It is the time of Lockdown that I started to come Kirtipur with journalist.

The mother of beauty takes a crow with its death in front of us.
I could not see its breadth as pitiable as death.

It was struggling a lot to live but it had pitiable condition.
I saw and saw but we could not do it except to sketch photo.

But it is lucky enough that it is living forever in my writing.
It was touched in the electric wire and fallen in front of us with pitiable condition.

We were seen regularly and dazzled what to do. .
There we were with writing and reporting.

It was fallen in front of author and journalist and two others.
It was really the wonderful death of bird which had been snatched its eye and feathers by death.

The eyes were blinking.
Though it is lucky enough to be saved in my art of writing.

We have pity and kindness at road side as with impact of Lockdown.
It was April 16 of 2020,The 24 th day of Lockdown in Nepal.

                                                                           Parbat, Hile Bhorle-7

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