Light and Darkness of Moon

Moon is symbolic history with mighty light. It is the mystry of nature. When the vast is case with
moon I am trying to look at her. I see moon regularly. Moon is light of universe. It is moon that is high
above the sky. Sky is with dim light and darkness too. Too many things are included there.

It is shy light. It is the symbol of love and unity. It is beautiful to show the magnificent light. Light is
attracting and beautiful. Moon is symbol of peace and love. The love is mingled in moon light. When I
see moon from courtyard then it seems attracting and fascinating. It attracts me much and much and I
turn to her light. Moon is beautiful product. Moon is victory of life. It is the flower of universe . She is
heroine of universe.

Moon is my company as I am in isolation. She is one to shine in universe with single
identity. She is like me to have light in earth too. As my single moon, I have single identity.
Moon is my progress to look and to catch. She is showing life and destiny. Moon is lovely and faithful.
She is queen of earth. She is the lovely and attracting creation. It has light as well as darkness. It is the
huge part of universe. It is the significant birth in universe.