Around the Sea

Doubt is ugly as corona.
It ruins the life.
It has finished the life of innocent.
Your doubt ruins me.
Doubt in love is like demoralizing of corona.
Doubt is loss.
It harms innocent.
Our vanishing life is counted with doubt.
Doubt is useless.
It is like ignorance of your understanding.
Doubt is your ego.
Doubt is your mental sick.
Doubt is beautified with ignorance to immoral world.
Honesty is real love.
Lying is mistreated.
Faithless is doubt.
Doubt is destructive fire.
Unheard my voice is your faithless world.
Lust was not with me.
Doubt is ugly.
Respect is movement.
Sunshine is vanished in love.
War is nourished in thought.
Doubt is motionless and madness.
Doubt is fallacy.
It has broken our healthy life.