Ocean with Her Fire


Ocean is beautiful with volcanic fire.
Oceanic beauty is infinite.
River of lavas is mixed in ocean.
Oceanic light is in earth.
The water is within the ocean.
The place is shifted frequently.
The seven oceans are shining in earth.
Water is abundant.
Whirlwind is mixed.
Deep part of water is there.
Pure water is huge in amount .
Immense part is taken by water.
Water world is different.
Soul of water is from inner part of earth .
High above is cloud to secure water.
Many monuments are inside ocean due to tsunami.
Many settlements are gone with waves of sea.
They will be seen after transformation of water to another place.
Ocean is there to have decoration in earth.
The real beauty is there with ocean and abundant water with lavas and volcanoes.
Shining water is there.
The light is there with mineral lamps.
The fine way is there to know earth.
The system of earth is beautiful.
Ocean is beautiful.