Few Nepalese Reporters-(not all)

As the writer and poetess, I find some reporters and you tube that they don’t know what is reality? They don’t know real world. The reporter should know about real world with the person. They should know about real woman voice who are not liars. There are good journalists and reporters too who should be praised for true voice.

Before some days, I found a reporter that he had called me to visit. I was not interested to visit him. He wanted to call me frequently. I never went to visit the unknown people who called me. He called me to take tea in Pasupati. Then I didn’t go. He was angry to me. He told me to keep voice message about my poems and I kept. I did not know who he was. When he called me to visit I did not go. Then I did unfriend him. It was my right to unfriend to those who called me to visit frequently. Then he called me' with disrespect.

Is it good to speak in this way ? Is it good to call me to visit frequently?. He is reporter of police. Then he neglected the word of Karantikari.Perhaps he was secured by police to have news. Is it right? Are these police seeing the victimized people of civil war in which politics had used innocent woman like me? Nepal police has not counted who is good and who is not? There may be dalalikarn and politics to survive the raping politics and fake reporters . So fake blame is there to good women.

The  system makes survival to those women of illegal sex . So I suggest to some reporters to know the real struggle of woman and cons pirated woman who had made same woman use to take revenge. The struggle is known to those who have done with pain, suffering and domination. We are dominated from home to outside. We are thrown from home . Our good works are not judged by relatives and parents.

People speak for their benefits even they are parents. This is shown in the mother of the child in Kapan (not from Pushpa Adhikari ). Pushpa Adhikari is real saver. She is not seller and money earner. She is straight woman and she should be clever from users. Birth givers are also selfish. Daughters are dominated from birth home to outside. So the people should be judgeful to know who is right and wrong.