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Silence of Monument

9 Asar, ktm .
Silence lies with domination. It is bad blessing to monuments. Monuments are unchanged with silence.  Art has decorated monuments. I have seen many monuments standing in my country and world. The monuments are wrought with stone, cement and many others. They seem silent in their standing which harms value of them. The monuments are there to create voice but silence is manufactured.

Monuments are not voiced.They have to be silence with living beings. Monuments are simply non –
living creations but they are survived with artistic definition. Many monuments are fallen in their life time. Some are broken with opposite force. Some are dived and others are silent. So they are not living eternally as poetic lines of any poet. Somewhere poetic lines seem more eternal than these silent monuments.. So monuments are silent and for short period to live.

Monuments are not highly counted. They are standing aside to present the historical period. Silence brings disaster. They are lower to poetic creation and design. Silence of monuments is dominating their own value. They are not stronger. Stronger creation comes with poetic eternality.

लेखक : Til Kumari Sharma