The Literary Art

The art is the questionable creation. Many people have maintained the art as statue, buildings and many others. Many people see ornament in art.Art is human quality and quantity. Very often, literary art is rare and can be got with high achievement. Literary art is created with super mind only. I have got literary art as the highest achievement.

Literacy art makes human life standard. It comes in mind unknowingly. It is the life and life travelling path. It is voice of voiceless people. It is the sound of silent people. It it revolution to create innovative things. It is the heart and soul of genuine writer. It is the statue of letters to make eternal life. It is the light of standard society. The society is living within artistic creation. The life is new with new wave of life in artistic wave.

Literary art is beautiful. It is decorated beauty with sublimity . It is eternal and immortal. The wave is there within art and it’s polite society. Art is alive forever. It is the with unchanged form. It is the light of monument of dead and living. So literary art is come with sublimity and it is encountered with eternal phase.