Female as writer

23 Jest, Parbat.
The society is patriarchal. It doesn’t respect the writing of lady very often. We are treated as second
beings from birth home to outer home. When female writing is there, the family members from birth
home to out home turn to other side. It is real research of my life.

Female as author is not respected highly in our society. The leaders are respected highly even they have
not good knowledge. So our society is not still growing its status with education. From birth home to
opposite force, female writer is counted as mad and psycho.So the truthless matter is unbearable to
endure and it comes as output of writing. Female is dominated badly in her home too. She is blocked to
speak. She is made speechless. She is criticized severely. She is not praised by birth home. It is their
ignorance to treat negatively. The art is praised outside not in birth home. It is the ego and ignorance of
family members.The members make the writer pshycho and mad.This insane patriarchy doesn’t give
chance to go in rise. So author as writer should stand own self.

As the writer, I want to see society positively. But it is made with ignorance and insanity.Some educated
people ignore writing and it’s artistic capacity.They highlight the household work and kitchen work. The
social people praise kitchen work of female rather than art of writing. Only some intelligent fellow likes
to praise the beauty of artistic writing.