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My Birthplace

Jest 13, Parbat.
I was born in this beautiful village. The name of my village is Hile.It is located in  South of Parbat.This is called Paiyun7 now.It was called Bhorle 3 Hile earlier.Hile is beautiful with many birds. The birds are singing the songs. The way of describing Hile is immortal with my crafted writing. My artistic  writing is there. Hile has different people. It has multi- races people. Hile has multi- ethnic people.

Hile is surrounded with many trees and fields. In our childhood,  we used to play many games like Nunchor,Kapardi and so on. I  was burning light  of my village. I am one famous writer of my birthplace.

The art of my creativity is come from this soil. My village has multi- people They are Thakuri,Brahamin,Biswakarma,Magar,Gurung,Gharti and Damai.All  are together in beautiful community. The people are outside village too .

They immigrated to  foreign country too. Hile is surrounded by many trees and birds.The village is naturally beautiful. In front of our home, Dadakau is seen. Backside, many mountains are seen .These mountains are Lunkhu,Dhuwakot, Pakhapani Simle,Lamtung, Aurikharka,Dansing, Balakot and Daphurko.


Anyway our village is beautiful and charming. The village has got natural attraction. The beautiful Parbat has got beautiful village like Hile. From the top of village,Dhaulagiri   and Annapurna Himalayas can be seen.So our village is really beautiful and unforgettable. Our childhood was spent on studying on Shree Janata Ma.Vi.Bhorle School.I passed my SLC from Janata Ma. Vi.School, Bhorle Parbat.I was first girl in my class.When I remember my school and village,I can not detach  my place with my artistic writing.


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