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Politics, Education and Job

Nepal is in Asia. Our country is rich in natural property. But people are doing politics rather to develop the nation. Nepal is unknown to many countries of world. She lies in between India and China. Many Himalayas are there around north side of Nepal. The people are less intellectual in our country. People are doing politics to fame name only. The leaders dominate educated people like authors. They select the political people in job, education and any post with political support. The university professors also do politics according to leaders. It is their insanity and total madness not to see students’ capacity. With their politics, they can kill their offspring, sisters, parents and students. The leaders are engaged in vulgar world who cannot judge right and wrong. I think the insanity of Nepalese people harms the life of good and intelligent people. Bad beasts are found from home to outer world. Their insanity makes the life hopeless.

In fact ‘Education’ means to create civilization and intelligent society. To have higher thought with humanity and morality means ornamental life of human society everywhere. Now the society is viewed with insane people of politics. For politics, they sareer the family members. So they are insane really. People study to make better life with job and education but they are selected in job and carrier with political support. People are doing politics with inhumanity and vulgarity. Life begins with darkness and void.  People are unbelievable and bad. They say one thing and do other thing .So people are bad and faithless. Only the struggle is there with unmeasurable walking. Politics becomes the dirty game and insane product. It is not the insanity of writing but insanity of politics .Life is in the puzzlement of walking. Dignity is snatched by our own people and other. No judgement is there in the wisdom. So I think the society is ruined with inhuman nature of fake civilization of politics. The life begins in depression .People make the good people bad. The life is closed without hope and aspiration. Light of education is dismissed. The education works with bad teaching and immoral learning. So the light is worth less in education of Nepal. The light is turning to darkness in family and outer world having ego and insanity.  They blackmail the character unknowingly. Even in the home, blackmail is there. So it is due to ego the family members blackmail us and embalm us. How low the education in Nepal   brings less the sense of civilization and education from home to outer world.

If we count the life easily, the education should be fair without politics and badness. The people exploit us. People dominate us and the problem is there with the low minded people. The life is with pain and suffering that education has lost the life of dignity. Education has been moved with false impulses. Employment is with political exploitation. So it is difficult to have saving of character from home to outer world. Education should be equal to all. Education should be with civilized thought and beautiful in the sense of fairness. It should not be moved with vulgar politics.


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लेखक : Mis. Tilkumari Sharma