Poetic Delight


Poetry is delight and creative branch. It is eternal art of human feelings. Poetic delight is medicine of life. Poetry is spontaneous and emotional. Poetry is feathering to sky to create feathers of cloudy images. It is bundle of creative imaginations. Poetry is   green and lively thought and grown child of someone. It is light out of disturbed mind. It is the beauty of light, emotion and intelligence. Poetry is child of any poet to plant the seed of eternality. Poetry is green earth fore ever to have delight. Poetic image is the out of womb of mind. All are not born to be Poet. It is divine soul to have new and innovative images and feeling.

The poetic light is disdain to mad players and jokers of society. They have prepared for joking to divine gift of imagination. The poetry is ornament of life .It is river of thoughts. It is road to achieve life .It is faithful   light to know people who are own and who are not. It is the light of society. It is the literary world of language, thought and imagination. The poet is the higher than common people. Poets are not happy in physical world and apparent world. The poetess is happy in the sky of imagination. Poets bring the coin from earth and then decorate with civilization. The poet is eye of light to know good and bad. Other common people have not eye to judge right and wrong. So I cannot connect and live with common people and egoist from home to other. The poet means female and male both. Poetry is breadth of nice and natural planning. It is the light against disdain. It is greater than any mediator and saints. It is the higher than any post. It is great achievement in life. Nature is mother of imagination to heal any wound. Poetic clothes are more valuable than other clothes in world. Poetic clothes are not with everybody but common people think them rough and rotten with fake image to misrepresent the poets. Poetry is mother to love .Poetic light makes me alive. No parents, teachers and brothers see my positive light rather they are egoist to my progress and misrepresent me. 

So poetry is conscious thought and imagination. It is bundle of positive passions and moral. Positive bundle presents moral wisdom and humanity. The fake people misrepresent me from home to outer society due to ego. It is my feather of mind to fly in world and destiny. It is artistic cloth of real art which is company in day and night. It is spiritual light to plant the seed of higher imagination. It is not fake passion from under world to higher world. I have to struggle more from home to outside world to be a good and brighter poet. What I knew about poetry I wrote here from my experience of life. Poet and poetess mean same.

                                                      Payun- 7 Hile Parbat, Nepal.