America and its Power

English Article

  Now it is pitiable to judge the human world. The Earth is the home of all. There is no boarder in earth by nature. Corona has widening in the world. Boarder has been made by human politics. In such condition, we have to treat equally the citizens of world. Trump has to treat all citizens equally. He must not say to immigrants to go their country. It is not time to show anger to immigrants that they have endured much with identity crisis. It should not be under the rule of America to move citizens. In this condition, America has to be sincere to treat world people. If Trump does misbehave then natural disaster will surround to Trump. So Trump should be helpful to immigrants. Sometimes we hear the uneducated
blacks shoot the people with anger and steal the property of immigrants. It is too much suppress to immigrants. From Nepal, many people are there.

Immigrants are not only go to earn but they serve to his country in hospital and business. But he does
not care them positively. Earth is home of all. I say it should be borderless to live the people. It is not
time to show imperial power over the poor countries. I see the disrespect to poor countries .Today I
have heard that Trump has said to return immigrants to their own countries. It is really injustice of
European countries’ role. Leader should be skillful, kind, sincere and intelligent with humanity and
morality. He or she should be kind with humanity to love people equally. When I see the face of Trump
he seems always with anger. It is not to be cruel in this condition. Human world will be civilized with
teaching positive things. There is no sense of “You and I”. Trump should be skillful to be loyal to make
people good. There are many countries which seem more developed than America. It is not good to
fight in the issue of religions. All religions are equal to bring goodness in earth. All religions have to
adopt the good qualities of world. Each have to have connection to each other. Human civilization brings
improvement. Trump has to make the PPE for every nurses and doctors in his country. It is difficult time
of whole human world.

In this condition European countries should be helpful and kind otherwise world will be full with
disaster. Trump has to think over and over positively and consciously. Kindness, humanity and good
treatment have brought the solution in world. People should not be with inhuman nature. World should
not be with boundary of nationality. It should be borderless to live human in earth. Earth is our
property. It is not property of one leader and one nation. Live freely with humanity if you are anywhere.

MS Til Kumari Sharma, Nepal,Parbat Bhorle Paiyun7.