Political Misuse

32 Sharwan ktm.
Now I have seen political misuse. To earn name and fame, the people are wasting money in politics.
Many parents are becoming leaders by providing money to be membership of any politics.
On the one hand, the children seem bare foot in street,on the other side, the parents provide money to
different political parties. Is it right to provide money for political parties or children? Many women and
men have wasted money uselessly to get post of politics.

Mothes are getting post by paying but on the other hand, children are walking with naked or bare foot or rag sandal and clothes. They wear ornaments and children are not with basic needs. It is very bad behavior of political people. I think that it is useless to waste money in politics. The election is faced with debt. The politics is useless when debt
is there and they can not handle there own children. I think such desire should be vanished from men
and women. Really politics breaks the relation of good home .

Politics should be fair and good. It should not shock other’s s earning and labor. If you can afford your
children the basic needs you do otherwise never do politics with money( leaders).