Cloud as Single


Wide popularity is there with fame.
It has saved universe.
Single form mentions the universe.
Wide transformation is there.
Cloud is travelling to world.
The fairy of water rounds the world.
Single walking is enough to bring raining ,sunshine, thunderstorm and rainbow.
Hailstone comes from cloud.
Bright light with darkness seems there.
Really amazing cloud travels in the world.
Amazing queen of earth is travelling in nature that is nature herself.
The beautiful structure is shining everywhere.
Cloud is single in her walking.
Cloud is being genuine in universe.
Sky is space to have talking of cloud.
Birds are going to see cloud.
Sunshine is blocked by cloud.
How huge is it’s form in sky?
Fearful is sometimes in black form.
Beautiful sometimes within white image.
Clean and sometimes it is white.
Light is existed there.
Fire is existed.
Rain is existed there.
Ice is lied.
Hailstone is there.
Mist is there.
Fog is there.
Everything is mixed in cloud.